Diary 4


After the boys from the UK went back home, I have been doing a lot of guitar work and vocals over the tracks. Also guest musicians have been contributing and the whole production is starting to get big! A couple of new tracks have been recorded as well. The album release date is set to 16 of June!

I have not been that good in documenting the last parts of the recording sessions, but I would like to introduce the musicians and people that have been involved in the recording parts over the last period.

To get some new ideas and a different “style” into some of the songs I had two great guitarists in the studio, one local and one American

Bjarte Aasmul                                       Mike Gallaher

One of the songs on the record is a bit bluegrass inspired and to get that feel I was lucky to get Håkon Askeland (mandolin) and Øyvind Fosshagen (fiddle) to play on that track.

These lovely girls mostly do the female backing vocals on the album

Constanse Herland, Kari Torsvik and Linda Haugland

Guy Fletcher from Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler’s band plays Hammond on the songs ”Girl on TV” and ”No Mans Land”

Jerry Donahue contributes with his nut-bending guitar solo on ”Rock ’N’ Roll 50’s”

Venke Knutson sings the duet with me, ”The Sun That Shines in Me”

The two latest recording sessions has been done together with some great local studio musos from Bergen

Magnus Åserud Skylstad            Peter Sæverud                Reidar Opdal

Geir Luedy from my Management Made has produced these songs and also co written the single track ”Eternity”

For the backing vocal on ”Eternity” I was lucky to have Eva Rosa Knapskog’s beautiful voice

She also does the backing vocals on ”Time To Move On” together with Endre Nordvik

The main producer on the album, from London Mr Doug Morter

The album has been engineered and co produced by Arne Willhelmsen (Troll Studio)

The mixing "master" and co producer Eirik Grønner (Demningen Studio). Eirik also do some percusion and backing vocal on the song "Spanish Senorita"

My guitar tech Andy Halliday also contributes with backing vocal on "Spanish Senorita"

Kjell Birkeland at Masterfonic has mastered the album

And not least, my partner in crime Jim Gordon who has co written all the lyrics with me

I want to thank all the musicians and people that have been involved in the recordings and the process with the album. You have all done a brilliant job and I am so thankful to all of you. Many of you have spent many ours to get the best result. I could not have been more satisfied and proud of this album and I could not have done it without you guys.

- Vidar -