Diary 3

The last recording days with the boys from UK

Trond Vinnes who is a designer/photographer for the marketing company TIBE is making all the designs and cover for this album. He visit the studio todayday and took some photo shots for a documentary which will be published on as soon as its finished!

Trond in action taking some shots of Aran in the drum boot

MR. Ahmun in action for the song "Spanish Senorita" playing the cajon and the tambourine shaking his head, a real multi talent..


and the "senorita" himself, my producer Doug.....


We ended the day with a delicious dinner at Cyclo, one of my favorite asian places in town
    Cheers Alan!

Bergen by night..

Jim Gordon who has co-written all the lyrics for the album with me had a visit to the studio today to have a listen to the new stuff..

The Backroom Boys doing the backing vocals for some of the tracks

Too old to Rock 'N' Roll Too young to die.. nehh these boys still knows how to party on a Saturday night. Unfortunate Aran could not join us these evening, he was at a gig with The Australian Pink Floyd in Hamburg. He flew out on Saturday morning and was back in the studio on Sunday morning in much better shape than most of us other guys... 

The last day in the studio.. and this day was dedicated to Foss doing all the Grand stuff on the Bohemia. The Grand piano are normally tuned for classical music in 443 Hz, so we had a guy in to tune it down to 440 music which are the normal tuning for rock/pop music. To tune a grand like this take about 3-4 hours, and it is not easy to find a proper piano tuner these days
Poor Foss doing the piano stuff while the rest of us where sightseeing in Bergen town..

The mic's used here are two Brauner VM1. The studio also got a collection of some fine DPA mic's which I will be using recording the acoustic guitars for the record. More about that later

It's unbelievable how fast these days have gone.. We have recorded 13 tracks and I'm not sure which one will make it to the album yet.. There are still a lot of work to do, but the bass, drums, piano stuff are pretty much settled. The boys have done a fantastic job, working 10-15 hours each day 130% all the time. I have learned a lot and we have had a lot of fun, good vibes and good mood in studio every day!

Check out the "battle" video between Alan and Foss!