Diary 2

Studio facilities

The studio is located in some beautiful facilities not only the location but its part of the Reksten museum and gallery. The gallery has huge collection of Norwegian and international portrait art, sculptures and paintings. Hilmar Reksten's collection of silver and one of Europe's biggest collection of antique Persian carpets worth millions!

Collection of silver from England and Norway from 1600-1700

Every where you go in this place it seems to have a Grand piano! The studio has 8 Grand pianos available. These includes some of the finest in the world from Bechstein, Bohemia, Boston, Petrof and Steinway & Sons.

The Kings castle in Bergen is located near the studio, this castle is also possible to rent for arrangements if you have enough money


Arran having his daily nap while Alan practice with the "big lady"

Some of my guitars used during the recording session:
Les Paul 59, Tele reissue 52, Fender strat MK, Hagstrøm Viking Deluxe


Alan playing on a beautiful Martin MK-40. Thanks to Øystein Myksvoll for letting me borrow this lovely guitar whenever I want :)


The production team:
Doug Morter, Vidar Ruud and Arne Willhelmsen

The band discussing the arrangement for "Only Love Remains"